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Managing Palmer and Waterhemp in Soybeans

Which factors have the biggest impact on soybean yield? How did those factors play out in 2014 and how can you prepare for 2015? Dr. Fred Below, professor of plant physiology and crop sciences at the University of Illinois, will present his latest research findings and answer grower questions.... kicked off a winter webinar series on Wednesday, Dec 3. Dr. Emerson Nafziger, professor of crop sciences and extension agronomist at the University of Illinois, presented  his observations on the 2014 soybean crop.

Mike Marron, ISA Vice Chairman, discusses his harvest expectations and the biggest challenge he’s faced this growing season.

ISA Director Doug Schroeder explains why is your go-to resource for growing better beans.

Lynn Rohrscheib, Vermilion County farmer and ISA director, isn’t going to miss another 100-bushel opportunity.

Flooded soybeans can significantly reduce yield potential. Duration of flooding, temperature of water, soil drying rate and air temperature all play a role in determining the impact of a water event.

In this two-minute video, ISA Technical Consultant Dan Davidson, Ph.D., explains the...