2016 Soybean Summit - Effingham, Illinois
Glenn Longabaugh, Winfield

Longabuagh shares a management plan then discusses details in executing your plan. The planning process includes the R7® Placement Strategy that touches on each of the points of high-yield soybean management....

2016 Soybean Summit - Effingham, Illinois
Dick Lyons, Illinois Council for Best Management Practices

Dick Lyons focuses on the idea that soybeans as well as corn and other commodity crops require the nutrient phosphorus for top yields. However, one recommendation does not fit all...

Fred Below, Ph.D., shares his six secrets to soybean success.

Bill Simmons, Ph.D., reviews important factors to consider for fertilizer calculations.

Jason Watson and Matt Newholm explain the steps growers can take to reach 100 bu/ac.

Andy Fleisher and Ron Simmons explain how using foliar nutritionals can help improve soybean plant health.

Dan Schaefer and Tom Walsh explain the importance of getting soybeans off to a good start.

Robert Beck, Ph.D., and Glenn Longabaugh discuss the various kinds of adjuvants and what farmers can expect to see by using each type.

Dr. Emerson Nafziger, Professor of Crop Sciences and Extension agronomist at the University of Illinois, looks back at the 2015 production year and how the soybean crop fared, how it was impacted by weather, why the crop did surprisingly well and how you can use this information to make better...

Soybean phosphorus and potassium nutrition is sometimes an afterthought in a farmer’s nutrient budget. Failing to provide adequate nutrition can cost any farmer money, even with softer commodity prices. On November 11, Dr. Robert Mullen, Director of Agronomy with Potash Corporation of...