It's time to start making improvements. Through Illinois soybean checkoff funding, ISA invests money to help improve the condition of Illinois' transportation systems. Learn more at and

The world is asking for Illinois soybeans. Intermodal containers are commonly in plentiful supply to carry Illinois soybeans overseas. Let's find a way to send more soybeans to international customers in containers.

Illinois rivers, locks and other waterways are ideal for moving massive amounts of soybeans. The more soybeans we can move by water, the more we can free up our rail and roadways.

Illinois is the only state with all seven class-one freight railroads. The thing is, as farmers grow more soybeans, rail capacity is having a hard time keeping up.

To get to market, soybeans need a state full of good roads and bridges. Right now, low weight limits are slowing things down and bridges are deteriorating, too old and too narrow.

The whole soybean supply chain needs a solid transportation system to survive, and right now things aren't looking so good in Illinois. The more we fix our transportation systems, the more we all stand to gain.

Illinois Soybean Association's marketing committee chairman, Ron Kindred, explains why ISA has made transportation infrastructure a main priority and invested heavily in initiatives to fix problems that affect soybean farmers' profitability. A checkoff-funded video (also viewable here) tells why...

Containerized trade is growing twice as fast as the U.S. economy, and Illinois soybeans enjoy competitive advantages from being near the Chicago-area's major transport network. 

First, Libby Ogard, researcher with Prime Focus, LLC., discusses opportunities and constraints to shipping...

Illinois Soybean Association's transportation lead, Scott Sigman, explains why fixing transportation infrastructure is a national concern.

Paul Rasmussen, vice chair of Illinois Soybean Association's transportation subcommittee, discusses 2013 ISA transportation projects under way. These include a container-on-barge pilot project that will export soybeans via container to the Gulf of Mexico, and a recent trade mission to Asia where...