Tom Bauman, R&N Trucking, describes why B20 is a good fit for their vehicles.

John Anderson and Mike Brockway of Peoria CityLink describe why B20 is a good fit for their buses.

Kevin Lockart and John Papenhause discuss the benefits of using B20 in their fleet vehicles.

John Benish, Jr. explains why Cook-Illinois Corporation uses biodiesel to fuel their school buses each day.

JD Schulte, fleet manager for the City of Moline, explains why the city uses biodiesel for their fleet vehicles.

Ed Davison, owner of S.K. Davison, explains the benefits of using biodiesel for his trucking service.

Ken Crowley discusses why the Village of Oak Park uses biodiesel in their fleet vehicles.

Lisa Gray explains the benefits of using biodiesel for the fleet vehicles in the City of Evanston.

At a May 19 meeting hosted by the Quad City Chamber of Commerce and The Nature Conservancy in Davenport, Iowa, Lieutenant General Thomas P. Bostick, commanding general of the 53rd U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, proclaimed P3 the wave of the future for infrastructure funding: “It’s not a question...

This checkoff-funded animated video aims to help everyone understand Illinois' vast (and aging) transportation system affects soybean farmer's bottom lines. For more information on ISA transportation programs visit