ISA has explored potential transportation constraints and opportunities for maximizing profitability and optimizing global competitive positioning for Illinois soybean farmers through utilization of the competitive advantages that can be derived through proactive supply chain management.

Tazewell County Infrastructure Prioritization Study

In effort to ensure efficient and economical transport of soybeans from farm to market, ISA works with local decision-makers to help prioritize limited funding allocations. Key findings from benefit-cost analysis of 10 infrastructure projects in Tazewell County are presented here, in addition to recommendations and quantitative and qualitative information. The project was supported by the Illinois soybean checkoff program. 

Central Illinois Intermodal Ramp Opportunity Report 

Illinois accounts for 66% of containerized soybean exports, and in-state opportunities exist to even further utilize containers. This checkoff-funded study examined prospects to increase import volumes in central Illinois to benefit local freight importers and ultimately, commodity exports. 

Domestic Intermodal Container Study 

This checkoff-funded study examines shipping requirements, potential lanes and estimated economics of domestic containerized soybean shipments.

Truck Unloading Delay Study

In a 2014 soybean checkoff-funded survey, more than 90% of respondents indicated they experienced a truck unloading delay.

McLean County Infrastructure Prioritization Study

One of the ways ISA invests checkoff funds to improve local transportation efficiencies is through prioritization studies. A 2015 study analyzed benefit-cost ratios for twenty McLean County infrastructure projects. This report presents recommendations, in addition to quantitative and qualitative information, to assist McLean County officials in infrastructure prioritization decisions. 

Peoria County Infrastructure Prioritization Study

ISA works at multiple levels to provide state, county and municipal governments and transportation officials with information about the impacts crumbling infrastructure can have on agriculture. In this checkoff-supported study, benefit cost ratios were calculated for twelve Peoria county infrastructure projects. This information will help county officials determine how best to allocate limited funds to deteriorating roadways and bridges. 

Road & Bridge Study 2013

This study builds upon prior ISA-supported work by broadening the identification of critical bridges that have the potential to negatively impact the transportation of soybeans from fields to hubs over roadways of significance.

2011-2012 Transportation Research Summary

This checkoff-funded study explored potential constraints and opportunities in the transportation sector that inhibit or help soybeans and soybean products reach their intended destinations.

Illinois Critical Bridge Assessment and Economic Impact Relative to Soybean and Soybean Product Movements

Bridges in ten target counties were evaluated for effectiveness of serving agriculture needs. Hundreds of bridges were identified as structurally deficient and obsolete.

Commercial Promotion of Illinois Soy Container Shipping

Results of a blind survey conducted between May and June 2012 to learn more about Illinois soybean stakeholders’ opinions regarding the containerization of soybeans.

Quality Analysis of Containerized Illinois Soybean Shipments

This checkoff-funded study monitored the factors that affect soybean quality during transit from Illinois to destinations in Eastern and Southeast Asia.

Opportunity for Illinois Soybeans to Benefit from Meat Shipments via Reefers

ISA investigated opportunities to improve Illinois’ cold chain logistics in order to increase exports of soy-fed protein products.

Routing Flexibility and Total Landed Cost Analysis

End-user price and the total cost of delivery are significant factors in the price farmers receive for soybeans. This study examined the economic drivers and opportunities that influence transloading bulk soybeans into containers for international markets.

Transport Capacity for 600 Million Bushels of Soybean Utilization

ISA strives to utilize 600 million bushels of the state’s soybeans by 2020. In 2010-2011, 466 million bushels of Illinois soybeans were used. This checkoff-funded study analyzed the capability of the current transportation infrastructure system to handle an extra 140 million bushels.

Impacts of Higher Road Weights on Illinois Soybean Value Chain

This checkoff-funded study examined current weight restrictions and potential impacts of increasing weight limits on roads important to soybean transportation.

Headhaul-Backhaul for Illinois Containers

Illinois producers have unparalleled access to multiple transportation modes to access global trading partners. This checkoff-funded report explores the economics and feasibility of utilizing intermodal containers for international movement.

Container-­on-­Barge for Illinois Fueled by Biodiesel An Operating Plan and Business Plan

This report addresses the concept of Container-on-Barge (COB) from the perspective of inland river operations on behalf of, and funded by, the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff.