Let's Get Illinois Soybeans Moving

A vast infrastructure of roads, bridges, railways and waterways transports soybeans from Illinois farms to customers. Illinois is uniquely situated with prime access to navigable waterways, major rail lines and vast interstate highways, creating advantages to move soybeans around the world efficiently and economically.

However, deteriorating infrastructure is impacting Illinois soybeans’ competitiveness in the global market and increasing costs for Illinois farmers.

ISA is investing checkoff funds to lead collaborations and facilitate discussions among industry, government, academia and transportation stakeholders to develop innovative solutions to rural infrastructure challenges.

Transit Calculation Tool

Calculate transit time and distance from inland ports to the Port of New Orleans with this quick and easy Transit Tool. The tool also offers easy comparison between common modes, including truck, barge line, barge unit and rail. 

Roadway and Bridge Improvement Calculator

Roadway and Bridge Improvement Calculator Planners and engineers can save time and money by quickly assessing important factors for evaluating road and bridge projects with the Roadway and Bridge Improvement Calculator. Simple and customizable, this service automates calculations civil infrastructure professionals need for objectively making cost-benefit decisions. 

Partner with ISA in Moving Illinois Ahead

We want to tell you about the transportation initiatives we’re leading—and even more, we want to work with you on infrastructure solutions. Take a look at our work for opportunities to engage on truck weight limits, rural roads and bridges, and waterway infrastructure. 

Checkoff Funds Support Transportation Solutions

ISA is investing checkoff funds to improve rural transportation efficiencies and support Illinois farmer profitability. Those projects include domestic soy-focused studies and a container-on-barge initiative. Read more

Let's Find A Way Video

Let's get rid of the obstacles and get our soybeans, and other products, from point A to point B more efficiently. Watch this checkoff-funded animated video to understand how Illinois' aging transportation system affects soybean farmers' bottom lines.


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