Use Voice for Soy and Help Get out the Vote on November 6 Illinois soybean farmers and industry representatives who have registered for Voice for Soy have instant access to soybean-specific election information. Users can help get out the vote for Illinois legislators who support the Illinois... Read more
Renewable Fuel Standard Crucial to Fledgling Biodiesel Industry The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) comment period about whether or not a waiver for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2) should be extended for a year ended this week. Illinois soybean farmers and processors are not losing... Read more
ISA Urges Action on Farm Bill During Lame Duck Session The 2008 Farm Bill expired Sept. 30, but the U.S. House of Representatives has failed to act yet. Congress will return in mid-November for a lame duck session prior to final adjournment in December. ISA is working to have the first order of... Read more
ASA Expresses Disappointment over Lack of Farm Bill The American Soybean Association (ASA) expressed disappointment that the U.S. House of Representatives last week failed to take up a comprehensive, five-year farm bill. ASA President Steve Wellman, soybean farmer from Syracuse, Neb., said, "The... Read more
Illinois Soybean Farmers Call for Farm Bill Now Illinois soybean farmers were encouraged to take time during harvest this week to call for a farm bill now. Congress has known since September 2008 that they had to write and pass a farm bill in 2012. But the U.S. House of Representatives has not... Read more
Illinois Soybean Industry Seeks 2012 Soybean Samples for Analysis For Illinois soybeans to remain competitive in the global marketplace, protein and oil levels must meet customer needs better than soybeans from other states and countries. ISA, with funding from the Illinois soybean checkoff, is... Read more
Checkoff-Funded Velella Mariculture Project Featured on National Geographic The Velella Mariculture Research Project, which received funding from the Illinois soybean checkoff, will be featured on the five-part "Alien Deep" series on the National Geographic channel on Sept. 17 at 8:00 p.m. The... Read more
Farm Bill Now Coalition Unites Farm Groups in Push for Farm Bill The American Soybean Association (ASA) has joined a coalition of 39 other agricultural organizations in an effort to raise public awareness of the need for Congress to pass a new, comprehensive, five-year farm bill before current farm... Read more
ISA Commends Efforts on Illinois Agriculture Bills ISA supports legislation signed into law at Agriculture Day at the Illinois State Fair. Most notably, a bill was signed into law that creates the Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council (NREC), which will support fertilizer and nutrient... Read more
ISA Leaders Address Farm Topics with Senator Durbin Drought and the farm bill are topics at the front of Illinois soybean farmers' minds and topics Illinois Senator Richard Durbin addressed at a stop on Monday, Aug. 6, at the Evergreen FS Yuton Elevator facility near Bloomington, Ill. ISA Chairman... Read more