Livestock farmers are the No. 1 customer for soybeans. Learn how important animal agriculture is to Illinois soybean growers – and to the state’s economy.

Soybean growers are of course committed to taking care of the land they farm. But did you realize the greater impact farming has on local communities? 

Minimizing the land we need for crop production is more important today than ever before. That’s why continuing to find ways to grow more and use fewer inputs will always be at the core of our farming practices. 

Sustainability has mattered to farmers for decades. Not only is it good for the planet, but sustainability is critical for many of us to keep our operations up and running. 

Techniques like conservation tillage are helping growers reduce soil erosion and maintain water quality. Not only do these practices benefit the environment, but they preserve the land for future generations.

We all face the long-term issues of preserving natural resources, and soybean growers are no exception. The challenge is to find a balance between ag production, conservation and feeding the world. 

Soybean growers are using fuel to produce their crops, but the crops themselves are part of alternative fuel production. Biodiesel is growing in popularity, and it plays an important role in local economies.

The soybean industry wants U.S. soy to be recognized as the best: incredible yields, excellent quality and, of course, highly profitable.

ISA is excited to provide an opportunity to our corporate partners to network in the areas of soybaen value chain development, research and legislation. Parnters will be able to connect with our ISA farmer-members and Illinois soybean farmers. Throughout the document, there are six different levels that offer different benifits. These levels include executive, principal, core, associate, affiliate and support. 

Illinois Chamber of Commerce Infrastructure Council Report

September 2014