Any sustainability program must put people and communities at the center. Through its social sustainability commitment, ISA seeks to improve the well-being of farmers, consumers and the global community. 

Here’s how ISA supports social sustainability ─ locally, nationally and in more than 80 countries worldwide.  

Commitment to Education

Leadership development: Up to five $4,000 scholarships awarded annually to students attending Illinois agriculture universities. Support for initiatives like FFA, Illinois Agriculture Leaders of Tomorrow and the Illinois Agricultural Leadership Foundation.

Classroom support: Helping teachers enhance their existing curriculum with materials and activities to teach children about soybeans and agriculture.

Other Local and State Initiatives

Hunger relief: ISA works with local food banks and other organizations to provide hunger relief in our communities. 

Soy in the City: We work directly with Chicago schools on agricultural science programs and introduce students to new ways of using soybeans, including soy candles and a mural painted with soy ink. 

ILSoyAdvisor Events: These events allow the community to see the latest practices for reducing environmental impact while maximizing productivity. 

Partnerships: Communicating farm and food facts to consumers through Illinois Farm Families initiatives.

State and National Efforts

Customer engagement: ISA surveyed more than 750 Illinois residents about their awareness and attitudes about food systems, soybean production practices and Illinois soybean farmers. Results help ISA identify opportunities to help consumers better understand the supply system. 

Food source education:  By partnering with the Center for Food IntegrityU.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) and others, ISA helps consumers get answers to their questions about the food supply. 

International Impact

Support for emerging markets: Soybean leaders in Illinois and other states launched the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) to promote trade with developing countries, bringing better nutrition to a growing middle class in these countries. 

Worker Conditions and Labor Relations

Another way Illinois soybean farmers demonstrate their commitment to social sustainability is by looking out for the best interests of their workers. That means complying with all applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, performing safety training and offering medical insurance where applicable.