Summary Report: Double Crop Initiative Roundtable 

ISA is at the forefront of an initiative exploring wheat-soybean double cropping in southern Illinois, an emerging practice where soybeans are planted after winter wheat.  This collaborative effort was initiated in April 2014 when ISA directors and staff convened with USB and industry and research professionals at a roundtable discussion in St. Louis.  This report is a summary of the discussions and presentations.

Summary Report: Nitrogen Applications & Soybean Yields

As Illinois growers continue working toward higher soybean yields, many are questioning the role fertility may play in breaking current yield barriers. To help growers make informed decisions, ISA hosted industry experts, researchers and soybean farmers for a nitrogen-focused roundtable event. Key takeaways and presentations are compiled here.

The Six Secrets of Soybean Success

Highlights 'Six Secrets' based on a survey of soybean literature and the physiology of the soybean plant. These factors were experimentally evaluated in multi-location trials in 2012, and the results of those trials are the focus of this report.

Precision Agriculture in Soybeans

Outlines how new research commissioned by the PrecisionAg Institute confirms that precision farming tools cut input costs and improve management decisions.

Looking Beyond Soybean Yields

Details the importance of high protein and oil levels in soybean and how soybean quality affects our global market share. Background, information and resources needed to better understand how we can differentiate Illinois soybeans - by delivering high quality and yield - and meet the needs of soybean customers at home and abroad is also included.

2012 Research Report: Investing in the Future of Illinois Soybean

Showcases how Illinois soybean checkoff dollars were invested in 2011, including five managed research areas: soybean diseases and insect pests, soybean cyst nematode, weeds, soybean germplasm and breeding, and soy nutrition and food science.

Bean Bushel Busters

Highlights three yield contents winners in three different states, sharing their secrets, reasons that participate and what they gain from the competitions. For these farmers, it’s more than claiming bragging rights, it’s about boosting their bottom line.

The Soybean Production Guide Flip Book

Provides soybean farmers a step by step guide to improving their soybean yields. Includes tips on seed selection, weeds, foliar disease and pest management, seed treatments, foliar nutrition, developing strategies to fight SCN and much more. You can also download this PDF.

SCN: The Invisible Threat

Helps you increase your soybean yields by 5 to 8 or more bushels per acre in three easy step. SCN Types are also identified and tell you which source of SCN resistance your SCN population will attack.

Serves as a comprehensive compilation of information resources on farm financing, finding land, business planning, agricultural production and marketing, and more.

Agriculture Marketing Resource Center

Allows users to browse commodities and products, investigate market and industry trends, study business creation and operation, read research results and locate value-added resources.


Gives crop and livestock producers around-the-clock access to economic and financial information.