ISA is at the forefront of an initiative exploring wheat-soybean double-cropping through research, double-crop posts on our ILSoyAdvisor blog, demonstration plots at the Farm Progress show and much more.


Double-Crop Commodity Classic Resources

ISA hosted a roundtable March 3, 2017, at Commodity Classic in San Antonio, TX, to review what the Mid-Atlantic, Mississippi River Delta, Ohio River, and High Plains regions have accomplished in the past year, what the United Soybean Board project accomplished and the next steps of the Double-Crop Initiative moving forward. This conference brought together industry experts from across the U.S. to discuss double-crop research results, program profitability and management techniques.

Double-Cropping Best Management Practices

Double-cropping soybeans after wheat can be profitable. Winter wheat serves as a cover crop over winter and an early cash crop in summer. Planting soybeans provides a second cash crop in the fall of the same year. Better management practices can improve soybean yields and profitability without reducing wheat yields.

Have Questions About How Soy Can be Used?

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