Soybeans are a high-value crop that benefit from time, effort and innovation.

Once you embrace this idea, you’ll soon realize a better return on your investment.


More profit is the top priority for most farmers. That’s why Illinois soybean checkoff funds are invested in programs to help you enhance your operation – from production through grain marketing and ultimately to managing your entire business.

Employ More Effective Production Practices

The first step toward harvest each year should be the development of a solid cropping plan. However, your plan should not focus solely on yield but also on your potential return. The following tools and resources provide you with tips for taking your yields and profits to the next level:

ILSoyAdvisor Profitability Radio

ISA gathered important, local management tips to help you increase yields and profits on your farm. Listen to short audio clips for advice from soybean experts and review key points to implement this growing season. Webinar Series

This checkoff-funded series highlights best management practices in soybean production and offers practical tips for improving yields and profitability during the growing season. Recaps of our webinar series available here. Soybean Summits

Events like the Soybean Summit offer firsthand access to renowned producers, research and other experts who are dedicated to equipping you with proven methods for better production. Yield Challenge

This challenge - which takes place throughout the growing seasons - offers you a controlled environment for putting your farm practices to the test by exploring new strategies and technologies for higher yields. Or, you can simply benefit from the extensive data reported by its participants.

The Six Secrets of Soybean Success

Based on a survey of soybean literature and the physiology of the soybean plant, these "secrets" were experimentally evaluated in multi-location trials starting in 2012, and the results of those trials are the focus of this report.

Profitability Fact Sheets

Based on ISA’s Profitability Radio series, these fact sheets offer simple tips from industry experts on ways farmers can minimize costs and maximize profits. 

Affordable Care - Andy Biebl
Best Practices - John Gorman
Boost Profitability - David Kohl
Effective Planning - Kevin Spafford
Evaluating Choices - Nick Paulson, Ph.D.
Farm Bill - Doug Yoder
Management - Fred Below
Negotiating Rents - Gary Schnitkey, Ph.D.
Save Money - Howard Brown, Ph.D.
Stay Profitable - Mike Boehlje, Ph.D.

Have Questions About Improving Your On-farm Profitability?

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