Crop District Shootout

Your Mission: Top Yield in Your District

Your mission for 2016 – recruit other growers in your area who are up to the challenge and relish some friendly competition. The Crop District Shootout pits grower against grower in each district, weeding out the best of the best with top yields district-wide.

Is there a minimum yield I must meet to be eligible to win?

Yes. Yields have to exceed the NASS district yield average, which is published in January.

What is the reward for being the top yielder?

The grower with the highest yield over the NASS district yield average will be awarded $500. The second highest yield over the NASS district yield average will be awarded $250.



How is the yield verified?

Entrants must harvest two acres, and the grain must be verified by a third party using a weigh wagon. Third-party verifiers need to meet ISA guidelines to qualify and be approved. Harvest must be witnessed by one or more Harvest Verifiers and calculated on the basis of No. 1 soybeans corrected to 13 percent moisture, then converted to bushels per acre.

How much does it cost to enter?

Entering the Crop District Shootout is easy! There is no additional fee if you’re signed up for the Side-by-Side Yield Challenge. To start competing in the 2016 Yield Challenge, complete a simple interest form. Then complete the official registration form, due to ISA no later than September 1, 2016. Mail Entry Form(s) and entry fee(s) of $25 for each entry to  ATTN: Yield Challenge; Illinois Soybean Association; 1605 Commerce Parkway; Bloomington, IL 61704. Make checks payable to the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA). If you prefer to use a credit card, please call the ISA office at 309-663-7692.

How do I submit data?

Yield totals and other production data are easy to collect and must be submitted via the Crop District Shootout Harvest Form by November 15, 2016, and verified by an approved third party.

When will winners be announced?

Winners of the Crop District Shootout will be announced at a special recognition dinner before the 2017 Soybean Summit in Peoria, IL.


Call or email Jim Nelson, Yield Challenge Coordinator, at (309) 825-7542 or

Read official rules & guidelines.