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The 2015 ISA Yield Challenge is the year of opportunity! With new rules, more ways to win and the opportunity to test farming practices... all three 2015 Yield Challenge contests are designed to help you push your yields even higher. Plus, we’ve made it easier than ever to compete. Throw your hat in the ring and get ready to take home the prize for your district. Or, go big and reap the $5,000 reward.


Choose from Three Shootout Competitions

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100-Bushel Challenge

Compete with other Illinois growers in this top stakes shootout! You can stake your claim on $5,000 by achieving the greatest qualifying yield over 100 bushels. Let’s see who will hit the 100 mark this year! Learn more >

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Crop District Shootout

While you’re shooting for 100 bushels, you also can compete in a second competition with other growers in your crop district for the top yield. 1st place gets $500. 2nd place gets $250. Learn more >

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Side-by-Side Sponsor Plots

The side-by-side Yield Challenge plots are back! Round up a sponsor, test and identify strategies that increase soybean yields. This competition rewards growers based on how much their yield totals increase between the side-by-side plots. The grower with the highest percentage increase in his district gets $500. Second highest gets $250. Learn more >


2014 100-Bushel Challenge Winner, Dan Arkels

Yield totals and other data must be submitted via a Harvest Form by November 1, 2015 and verified by an approved third party.


Join the High-Stakes Yield Roundup

Entering the Crop District Shootout and 100-Bushel Challenge is easy! Plus, it only costs $25 per single entry. Just complete a simple form and start testing your skills. If you have questions, call or email Jim Nelson, Yield Challenge Coordinator, at (309) 825-7542 or jnelson@ilsoy.org.

You can enter additional plots at $25 each.


Is getting involved worth the challenge?


Hear it directly from some 2014 competitors!

100-Bushel Winner Dan Arkels

Jeff Keifer

Chad Kuenstler



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