Top tools for Buying & Selling Soybeans

serves as a conduit for matching soybean farmers with premium contract opportunities. Buyers can post opportunities for premium programs, and farmers can review detailed listings posted by soybean buyers, as well as find contact information to follow up with merchandisers. History shows that many of the programs can provide higher revenue than traditional soybean production.

Varietal Information Program for Soybeans (VIPS)

was developed to help farmers identify soybean varieties that will provide the most yield potential with the highest quality to meet market demands, ultimately increasing their profit potential. Managed by the University of Illinois, VIPS includes a wide range of varietal information such as yield comparisons, protein and oil content, and disease and pest resistance. Because it relies on a variety of sources, VIPS delivers a non-biased, non-company perspective.

U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC)

operates in more than 80 countries through its ten overseas offices, helping facilitate the export of U.S.-grown soybeans. The organization’s site shares detailed exporter resources and an up-to-date International Buyer’s Guide that covers quality, procurement, transportation and risk management.

features extensive resources for individuals wanting to begin or expand their export opportunities. These tools include research, webinars, trade leads, business plans and much more.