Additional resourcees

GRAINNET – As the main landing page for the entire GRAINNET family of sites, this website includes information on upcoming events, the latest grain news and several helpful product/services directories relating to the buy and sell of commodities, including soybeans.

North American Export Grain Association, Inc. (NAEGA) – Working to promote and sustain the development of the export trade from the United States of grains, oilseeds and their primary products, NAEGA strives to benefit the U.S. value chain from producer through exporter.

Agricultural Transportation Coalition (AgTC) – Focused on achieving Shipping Act reform to allow U.S. ag exporters to be more competitive in the international market, AgTC monitors government and commercial activity on ocean shipping and lobbies Congress when necessary to support or change laws that could affect the agriculture industry.

Illinois Agro-Security Working Group – According to a 2011 Associated Press article, Kansas Senator Pat Roberts believes that the threat of agro-terrorism is real and "the effects of such an attack would be devastating." Defined by Oxford Dictionaries as "terrorist acts intended to disrupt or damage a country's agriculture, especially the use of a biological agent against crops or livestock," agro-terrorism poses a real danger to the U.S. food supply. To help raise awareness of this issue among agricultural industry stakeholders, the Illinois Agro-Security Working Group developed an educational brochure on this topic, featuring information such as indicators, signs and symptoms of illnesses, and how to report suspicious activities.