ISA is at the forefront of an initiative exploring wheat-soybean double cropping in southern Illinois, an emerging practice where soybeans are planted after winter wheat.  This collaborative effort was initiated in April 2014 when ISA directors and staff convened with USB and industry and research professionals at a roundtable discussion in St. Louis.  This report is a summary of the discussions and presentations.

As Illinois growers continue working toward higher soybean yields, many are questioning the role fertility may play in breaking current yield barriers.  To help growers make informed decisions, ISA hosted industry experts, researchers and soybean farmers for a nitrogen-focused roundtable event.  Key takeaways and presentations are compiled here.  

Guidelines for the 100 Bushel Challenge
Guidelines for the 2013 Yield Challenge
Highlights three yield contents winners in three different states, sharing their secrets, reasons that participate and what they gain from the competitions. For these farmers, itӳ more than claiming bragging rights, itӳ about boosting their bottom line.
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This flyer shares helpful information on best practices to follow when beginning your Yield Challenge experience. It covers several topics, including Developing a Grower Team, Working with Grower Teams, College and FFA Team Participation and How to Get Started.
This informative document - funded by the Illinois soybean checkoff - provides an overview of the Illinois Soybean Association's 2010 Yield Challenge. It includes details on field locations, farming practices, team winners, as well as results of the grower survey.