HY+Q: High Yield Plus High Quality Equals More Profit

Being the Best

Everyone wants U.S. soy to be the best it can be: incredible yields, excellent quality and, of course, highly profitable. That’s why Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) launched a new vision for U.S. soybeans leadership in 2014: HY+Q — High Yield Plus Quality.

HY+Q helps support any trait that increases soybean value and it can work anywhere.  However, ISA is starting with protein because it’s within reach and highly valued by livestock-feed customers. HY+Q looks at soybean protein improvement from seed to feed.

Rethinking Beliefs

Conventional wisdom has long held that soybean growers are powerless over protein. We all know the sayings: “The closer the farm is to the equator, the higher the protein.” and “The higher the yield, the lower the protein.”

However, Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) has been studying Illinois protein levels and finding:

  • Protein levels vary less than yield.

  • Two years of samples from throughout Illinois show higher protein in the north and east, an unexpected result. 

  • 2013 yielded higher protein than 2012. The most significant change was the weather, which raises more questions about rainfall and quality.

Supporting Seed Companies 

The HY+Q program helps innovative seed companies identify varieties that best meet soybean and livestock farm needs. Studies are underway in three states, taking a fresh look at how varieties and agronomic practices intersect with protein levels. Soon, ISA will offer promotional support to get the first hand-selected HY+Q seed into planters.

Simplifying Seed Selection

Today’s soybean varieties offer more traits and bundles of traits than ever before. The HY+Q seal makes it easier for growers to select those varieties with the greatest genetic potential for higher yields and higher quality. In seed catalogs and at retail locations, the HY+Q seal will give instant validation to a variety and makes it easy to deliver yield and protein.  

HY+Q labels on soybean seed varieties will make it easier for farmers to find winners.

Building Long-Term Value

The world needs more than protein.  Amino acids, high-oleic oil, higher-energy, low-carb, or other traits have tremendous value, too. So HY+Q opportunities reach beyond protein. The same industry relationships built by HY+Q also make it easier to bring other traits to market. The United Soybean Board has identified traits that can increase soybean value and expand markets. HY+Q success today ensures industry success tomorrow.

HY+Q Flyer

The soybean industry wants U.S. soy to be recognized as the best: incredible yields, excellent quality and, of course, highly profitable.

ISA White Paper: Looking Beyond Soybean Yields

Beyond the elevator, soybeans are valued for their protein and oil levels, not yield. While farmers are focused on maximum yields, customers (livestock feed and soy-based product manufacturers) care only about the components, protein and oil. The following white paper, “Looking Beyond Soybean Yields,” shows how the disconnect between soybean producers and consumers on the value of soybeans is actually hurting the farmer’s bottom line. 


What Growers Can Do

Below are a number of steps that a soybean farmer can take to capitalize on growing high oil/protein soybeans: 

Check for Premium Programs

Find premium programs in your area on soybeanpremiums.org. This will help you determine if there are any elevator/processor relationships nearby who will buy your grain at a premium. 

Incorporate High Oil & Protein Soybeans into Crop Plan

Locate high oil and protein soybeans on vipsoybeans.org or challenge your seed dealer or crop consultant to make them available to you. Comparison data is available for yield, protein and oil content, disease resistance, amino acid content and other agronomic characteristics.

Spread the Word to Help Raise Oil & Protein Levels in Illinois

Make a commitment to gradually raising the oil and protein levels in Illinois by spreading the word to other soybean farmers about the importance of increasing the value of soybeans as a commodity. A higher value crop increases sustainability and profitability.

Get involved with HY+Q. Sign up here for future updates. 


Have Questions About How Soy Can be Used?

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