Biodiesel gives everyone in Illinois plenty to Get Pumped Up about because it offers tremendous benefits:

Reduced Emissions

  • Reduces all major emissions
  • Reduces foreign oil dependence
  • Sustainable, renewable fuel resource 
  • Ten times less toxic than table salt
  • Biodegrades as fast as dextrose (a naturally occurring simple sugar)
  • Adheres to health effects testing requirements of the Clean Air Act
  • Generates 5.54 units of renewable energy for every unit of fossil energy used to produce it
  • Results in 78.5 percent fewer CO2 emissions from production and use than petroleum diesel
  • Labeled a “Clean Air Choice® by the American Lung Association

Get Pumped Up on Biodiesel!

Biodiesel gives everyone in Illinois plenty to “Get Pumped Up” about. Whether you're a farmer, trucker, fuel distributor or general consumer, there is a rational case for getting wildly excited about biodiesel.

Clean, Powerful and Reliable

  • Prolonged engine life 
  • Excellent cold weather capability 
  • Superior lubricity for less engine wear 
  • Enhanced power from higher cetane 
  • Cleaner fuel filters from solvent-like traits
  • Requires no engine modifications to use blends up to B20
  • BQ-9000 specifications
  • Meets strict quality standards
  • Durable storage life with proper tank maintenance


  • Illinois is one of the largest biodiesel-consuming states
  • Blends of up to B20 are readily available


  • The biodiesel industry supports nearly 7,500 jobs in all sectors of Illinois’ economy
  • Between 2004 and 2010, the Illinois biodiesel industry generated $1.5 billion of household income and was responsible for more than $2.6 billion of Illinois Gross Domestic Product
  • Legislation passed in 2003 and extended in 2011 provides a tax incentive for the use of biodiesel blends in Illinois through 2018
  • B1 to B10 fuel blend purchases receive a partial sales tax exemption of 20 percent (off 6.25 percent)
  • B11 and higher ratio fuel blends qualify for a complete exemption from the state's 6.25 percent sales tax.