B20 Club

Now Accepting Members

B20 biodiesel is a great addition to your fleet and a benefit to the environment. But you already knew that. It's time to reward yourself for your commitment to the future by joining the B20 Club. 

The B20 Club is a checkoff-funded program in partnership with the American Lung Association that recognizes Illinois-based fleets running on biodiesel blends of 20 percent or greater. B20 Club membership is free and offers these benefits. Contact us about becoming a member. 


Meet the B20 Club Members

These Illinois-based fleets and fuel distributors know that B20 is an efficient, high-quality, reliable fuel that supports their bottom line and the environment. They're also members of the checkoff-funded B20 Club. Read about how biodiesel works for them, and consider joining the B20 Club today. 



B20: Good for Your Fleet and Your Community 

You probably already know that biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning alternative to petroleum diesel that supports Illinois agriculture and spurs our state's economy. However, did you know that by choosing to use biodiesel blends of B20 and greater, fleets across Illinois are giving back to their communities, too? B20 has proven emission and health benefits. John DeRosa, director, American Lung Association in Illinois, explains more in this short video.


It’s Easy Being Green with Biodiesel

Using biodiesel is an easy way for fleets and municipalities to improve air quality in their communities and reduce their carbon footprint. Running the renewable fuel also supports Illinois’s agriculture economy. See how easy it is to be green with biodiesel in this short video. 



Join the B20 Club

Are you an Illinois-based fleet using B20, a producer using B20 or a distributor of B20? If so, join the checkoff-funded B20 Club today. Membership is free and by joining you will: 

  • Be recognized by the governor's office, via social media and more
  • Be proud of your environmental stewardship by using the B20 Club logo and vehicle wraps
  • Be known as a B20 Club member when you network with other fleets and fuel distributors
  • Be informed with technical webinars and access to B20 experts
  • Be ready for more benefits when you use more B20

New! B20 Club now offers associate memberships and affiliated partnerships for biodiesel producers, marketers and non-profits. 


Be Proud, Belong, B20 Club

Illinois-based fleets or producers using B20 and distributors of B20 are invited to join this free membership club. Joining is easy and free; simply contact Bailey Arnold via email or call 1-800-788-5864. Applicants will be required to verify B20 use by providing a copy of their fleet fuel plan.

Not a fleet or distributor? Biodiesel producers, marketers and affiliated non-profits can also join as Associate Members or Affiliated Partners. Learn more here


Have Questions or Want to Learn More?

Rebecca Richardson, Biodiesel Lead
P: (217) 586-2860
E: rrichardson@marciv.com

Mark Albertson, ISA Director Strategic Market Development
P: (309) 808-3606
E: albertsonm@ilsoy.org