Pork Resources

Swine Production and Environmental Stewardship

A pictorial review of management practices found in swine production that benefit you in identifying and implementing best management practices and being an environmental steward.

Illini PorkNET

Access to key resources, papers and contacts in the pork industry.

Swine Manure Storage and Handling Practices to Minimize Odors

Addresses controlling odors during the storage and handling of swine manure. Odor reduction methods vary by type of manure storage structure and manure system management. Odor reduction may be achieved by management practices that minimize the formation, release and transport of odorous compounds.

Swine Manure Land Application Practices to Minimize Odors

Addresses controlling odors during land application of swine manure. The majority of odor complaints associated with animal operations are associated with the land application of manure. Odor control methods could involve methods that minimize the generation, release or transport of odorous compounds.

Basic Management Practices to Mitigate and Control Odors from Swine Operations

Key options to mitigate and control odors from swine operations.

Why, How and What to Keep? Records for Pork Production

Basic information for developing action plans and record keeping systems that assist in improving environmental management and production systems.