Top Tools For Animal Ag

Best Management Practices for Pork, Beef & Dairy, and Poultry Producers

Below is a compilation of best management practices for animal ag producers overall. Specific management practices for the pork, beef & dairy, and poultry producers have also been compiled.

AgSTAR Program

This outreach program is designed to reduce methane emissions from livestock waste management operations by promoting the use of biogas recovery systems. AgSTAR is a collaborative effort of EPA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Animal Feeding Operations, Best Management Practices

Operating procedures, schedules of activities, maintenance procedures, and other management practices that animal feeding operations can use to prevent or reduce pollution.

Illinois Manure Management Plan

These step-by-step instructions needed to comply with the manure management plans from the Illinois Department of Agriculture, the Illinois National Resources Conservation Service and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Small Farms Manure Management

This is aimed at livestock producers with small facilities less than 300 animal units.  Horse owners, stable owners and managers, beef operations, dairy, goat and sheep,poultry and swine farms will all find information related to the following topics: Composting Manure, Environmental Rules and Regulations – State and Federal, Facilities, Manure Land Application and Pasture Management

Manure Share Program

This free program benefits livestock owners, gardeners, landscapers and the environment! It is a manure exchange program that brings gardeners and landscapers searching for organic materials for use in composting or field applications in contact with livestock owners who have excess manure.

Certified Livestock Manager Training

Training provides valuable resource materials and preparation for the Certified Livestock Certificate, which is required by the Livestock Management Facility Act.

Animal Feeding Operations and Confined Animal Feeding Operation Information

Includes valuable information on AFOs and manure & nutrient management.

Electronic Field Office Technical Guides

These guides include general references, site and soil information, conservation management resources, practice standards and specifications and conservations effects.

Information for Farmers

Provides an alphabetical listing of technical resources available from NRCS. Find information, training resources, tools, and related topics concerning these technical resources.

Animal Production Information

Lists resources on beef, dairy, poultry, pork and alternative livestock production. Also includes informatoin on animal identification and various research and reports and animal production.

Swine Production and Environmental Stewardship

Provides a pictorial review of management practices found in swine production that will benefit you in identifying and implementing best management practices and being an environmental steward.

Animal Welfare 

Provides resources to animal welfare laws and regulations in Illinois. 

Additional Tools 

Need more tools to help make the descision about adding livestock? Below are links that can help you in deciding if adding livestock is what is best for you and your farm.
University of Illinois: Farmdoc FAST Tools
University of Illinois Extension: Manure Management Tools 
Iowa State University: Ag Decision Maker Tools

Economic Impact of Animal Ag

The Impact of Animal Ag in Illinois

State-specific statistics on the impact animal ag has locally, including output, earnings, employment, income tax and property assessment.

Animal Ag Economic Impact by County

Shows how animal agriculture impacts local economies by county in Illinois.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Raising livestock and processing meat and dairy products creates a $30.4 billion impact on the Illinois economy. Learn how this industry serves as an economic engine -- and about room for growth.

The Impact of Animal Agriculture in Illinois

Shows how important animal agriculture is to Illinois soybean growers – and to the state’s economy. Livestock producers are soybean growers’ No. 1 customer. Unfortunately, Illinois livestock producers are facing increasing regulations, foreign competition, and a growing not-in-my-backyard mentality here at home.

Talking to Consumers

Illinois Farm Families®

Illinois farmers are getting the message out on what it takes to produce the world’s greatest soybeans. They are helping people understand where their food comes from and how it is grown.