District Directors

The Illinois Soybean Association Board of Directors is made up of 24 volunteer farmer-leaders. The board has 18 District Directors from specific areas throughout the state and six At-Large Directors who represent the state as a whole. Each board member serves on one of two committees (Production and Marketing) and helps direct the activities of the Illinois Soybean Association. To find out who your board representative is, please locate your district on the map below, then select the representative for your district for more information. To contact any of the directors please email ilsoy@ilsoy.org or call 309-663-7692.


John Longley
District 3 Director, Mercer County (Production Committee Chair)
Stan Born
District 5 Director, Peoria County (Treasurer)
Jered Hooker
District 10 Director, DeWitt County (Assistant Treasurer/Secretary)
Gary Berg
District 13 Director, Fayette County
Daryl Cates
District 15 Director, Monroe County (Chairman)