Conservation Rising

Take a closer look at how Illinois farmers are increasing conservation practices.

Sustainability from the Ground Up: Brochure

This booklet describes how Illinois soybean farmers are achieving a number of sustainability performance goals. Download HERE.

Conservation Tillage Grows

Our farmers are practicing conservation tillage more than ever before, a trend that’s been taking shape over the last two decades. READ MORE >

Saving Our Soil

Changes in tillage practices, along with more efficient use of cropland, has led to a significant improvement in our soil health and reduction in erosion. READ MORE >

Protecting Our Wetlands

Illinois farmer’s voluntary conversion of cropland to wetlands is restoring an incredible amount of natural habitat acreage to the state. READ MORE >

Advancing Conservation and Water Quality Practices

Illinois farmers strive for continued improvement using new tools and technologies to reduce our environmental footprint. Cover Crops are a great example of best management practices that protect our water quality and prevent erosion, and more farmers are incorporating them into their rotation. READ MORE >

Sustainability from the Ground Up: PowerPoint

This PowerPoint describes how Illinois soybean farmers are achieving a number of sustainable performance goals. Download HERE.

Illinois Soybean Farmer Environmental Efficiency Data

Field to Market Metrics and Methodology - November 2012


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